You Are Invited. And Old.

Dismemberment Plan’s Emergency & I is 20 years old. This is one of the most important records of my life. It was the right sound, the sentiment, from the cool place (DC), at the right time (I was 19). And goddammit, it holds up. This band. This album. I have plenty of D-Plan stories – but that’s part of the deal as a fan, we ALL have our special, personal, emotional , and occasionally awkward D-Plan tales to treasure – what more could you ask for in a band.

Fire in the hole

This is a very good album. I bought it one day because The Quietus – a online music magazine that is well worth reading – recommended it and listed the following bands as influences:

  • Dr John
  • Buffalo Springfield
  • Fela Kuti
  • Guy Clark
  • Os Mutantes
  • Little Feat
  • Novos Baianos
  • Traffic
  • Todd Rundgren
  • Supertramp
  • and many more…

What is missing on this (seeminly accurate) list of influences: Paul McCartney. Not that any of this music sounds all that much like Macca, but the songs are 1)Pop songs with hooks and great melody and 2) long. I think there’s only one song on the whole album that’s less than 5 minutes. Pop music shouldn’t go on so long! Too many things can happen! Too many chances to get distracted or lost! Unfounded fears, all of them. There is so much fun on this album, and despite song lengths, it flies by without a moment wasted.

Second Mix

More mostly music with a bit of me talkin’

  1. !!! – Get Up
  2. Camp Lo – 82 Afros
  3. Arab Strap – Why Can’t This Be Love (Van Halen cover)
  4. The Beta Band – Squares (Bloah Mix)
  5. Calexico – Quattro (World Drifts In)
  6. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys – Stay A Little Longer
  7. John Hartford – Up On the Hill Where They Do the Boogie
  8. Stew – North Bronx French Marie
  9. Danzig – I’m the One
  10. Mike Doughty – Thank God For Sending Me the F Train
  11. Mink Deville – “A” Train Lady
  12. This Is Kit – Silver John
  13. Split Enz – Dirty Creature (Live)
  14. Squeeze – Take Me, I’m Yours (Live)
  15. The Pretty Things – Death of a Socialite
  16. Scissor Sisters – Laura (City Hi-Fi vocal mix)
  17. Arthur Russell – Time Away

First Mix

I put together an hours worth of music with a few moments of me talking. You can listen or download it below.

  1. UNKLE – Be There
  2. GoldLink – Kokamoe Freestyle
  3. 16 Horsepower – Wayfaring Stranger (traditional)
  4. Paul Cauthen – Still Driving
  5. Kate Tempest – Circles (single mix)
  6. Iron & Wine – One More Try (George Michael Cover)
  7. Jackson C. Frank – Blues Run the Game
  8. Rikodan – Skeng
  9. Eurythmics – Wrap It Up (Sam & Dave Cover)
  10. Boyoyo Boys – Tsosti
  11. Jessica Boudreaux – Ask Me To Stay
  12. Warmduscher – Standing On The Corner
  13. Aesop Rock – Dead Pan
  14. Lou Rawls – Feeling Alright (Traffic Cover)
  15. Jungle Brothers – Feelin’ Alright (Not Traffic Cover)
  16. Ballin’ Jack – Super Highway
  17. Donovan – Love Floats