I’m a Demolition, man

I did not know what I was getting into. The entirety of my familiarity with the movie Demolition Man was knowing that there was a solo recording of the Police song “Demolition Man” on the soundtrack. I knew this because I had the single. I had comfortably believed that it was some future cop action movie. As my brother correctly pointed out – most people hear the title “Demolition Man” and immediately picture “Judge Dredd,” which it is not (and for the record, that’s not even the best Judge Dredd movie – that honor goes to “Dredd” which is actually pretty great and super violent and trippy).

But speaking of trippy – Demolition Man is a crazy movie. Honestly, the action is mostly ho-hum, but the weirdness of the future world they’ve created is really fun and silly. Taco Bell won the Franchise Wars and is the only restaurant. There is a running joke about a lack of toilet paper and instead people are supposed to use three sea shells(?) – and Stallone never figures it out. It is weird. And it starts in one sort of dystopia, and within 15 minutes transports Stallone & Snipes into a totally different dystopia. Also – Dennis Leary is in it as a villain. Or is he?

There are no big surprises in terms of plot, but the movie is full of weird little notes and decisions and that kept me very entertained. It wrapped up like a sitcom, not long after Snipes comes to a particularly violent end. It is an odd movie, and I think I love it.

T9 and Feelin’ Fine

People have long been critical of what the TV does to the brain… hence terms like Idiot Box and Boob Tube that turn people into Couch Potatoes. People are also worried about what new technology is doing to the brain, but we’re still calling them Smart Phones. Dummies.