Gay/Straight Edge Alliance

I happened upon a Queer Zine Fair at the Brooklyn Public Library this morning. And found this AMAZING shirt. Also there was tons of other cool/weird/funny/beautiful stuff spread over a few rooms. It was really excellent. At one point, while browsing through various DIY efforts, I remarked that this fair was such a fun and serendipitous find and there is something for everyone, regardless of your orientation. Then one of the zine makers said, “unless you’re straight.” I didn’t know what to do with this – I am straight. I think there was plenty of stuff there that many (if not all) straight people would like, as long as they clear the (very low) hurdle of “love is love.” (This shirt is not an example of something that would appeal to everyone) I know that it is important for that space to be a queer space – I have no interest in putting my straightness out there or even making mention of it. It’s one of the most boring facts about me, and I don’t think it should take up any room in that sort of a space. I nearly became defensive about being straight – which is very silly.

Anyway, I also got this:

A drawing by Leonora Carrington. No big deal.

I am losing my mind with excitement. This picture is mine.

I have something created by one of the most incredible, creative, amazing humans to have walked this planet. AHHH! Photos don’t do the drawing justice. And words don’t properly express my thrill level. I guess we’ll have to live with the fact that this blog can only convey so much…