Got My HoJo Workin’

The American Sign Museum had multiple Howard Johnson’s signs. This one was the for the former Times Square location. But mostly it just makes me think of NRBQ. And anything that makes me think of NRBQ is good. So the American Sign Museum was good.

One of the very best there is – Terry Adams of the Q back in October, looking and sounding GREAT

I have yet to stay in a HoJo this trip… mostly crashing with friends and occasionally camping. But I sneak in a hotel/motel stay now and then. One of the nice things about traveling alone is I’m able to enjoy the absurdity of a cheap hotel without worrying if my traveling companion is less amused. For example:

This was the set-up at one such motel. A desk with many cords behind it, a microwave atop it, and, thankfully, a ratty old desk chair so I could be comfortable if I wanted to watch my food heat up. My stay was short, so I didn’t get to make the most of this set-up, but figured it was worth preserving in case I ever get into interior design and need some sort of inspiration.