Road trip day one.

I drove from Plantsville, Connecticut to Corning, New York. A pleasure. 300 miles down.

My music for the trip is a random selection of about 2,000 songs from my entire library. So I’m finding some gems I hadn’t heard in a while. I’m already on my way to mixtape of discoveries from the drive.

I also stopped at a Fly Fishing museum (not THE Fly Fishing museum; while this one was great, it isn’t alone).

Like the Coal Mine Tour & Museum in West Virginia or the Devil’s Rope (barbed wire) Museum in Texas, this museum was an impressive amount of material proving that I know even less than I thought about the topic of the museum. I think it is great. And it’s a beautiful thing when people can identify something they love enough for a museum. Now I’m busy thinking about MY future museum.

I also learned that “Jungle Cock” is not (necessarily) a term that you’d use exclusively in pornography. I mean, maybe YOU would, but I’m beyond that.


Here’s a picture of a halloween witch (?) with a metal detector in Prospect Park last weekend. I wonder what I’m missing this weekend…